Quality of our products, social role of the company, sustainable development

Our objectiveis to grow while maintaining our traditional values and principles that include:

the quality of our products
the social responsibilityr of the company
sustainable development
with an environmental
approach (resource management, ...).


Our quality approach is based on the continuity and maintance of production starting in theorchards and ending in consumption.

Quality in production is ensured by:
  • The follow-up of the specifications of the Integrated Fruit Production (application of the principles of an agriculture which guarantees the safety of the food and the respect of the environment and the personnel) and the IGP "Fruits of Savoy" for the Production Savoyard fruit.
  • Monitoring of farms by independent technicians specialized in arboriculture,
  • Conducting analyzes of phytosanitary product residue controls
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The quality during storage is ensured by:
  • Conducting systematic checks of the quality of batches entering and leaving the termperature controlled, cold rooms (color, firmness, sugar level, acidity)
  • Automation and computerization of temperature and air control processes that come into contact with fruit. (storage under ULO)
Quality in packaging and shipping is ensured by:
  • The systematic realization of fruit quality analyzes by an independent laboratory when they are put on the market,
  • The presence of ripening chambers that allow the fruit to evolve towards a level of maturity more or less close to the optimum of consumption.
  • Conducting standardization checks on shipped parcels (calibres, quality and color checks)
  • Monitoring of a hygiene quality approach (HACCP procedure)

This quality approach is overseen by an independent Audit and Certification Body, Certi Alp, for Savoie fruit, and ensures perfect traceability of the parcel to the parcel marketed.

Social role

Our goal is to enable everyone to flourish in the company. This requires the best integration of employees. With this in mind, we regularly hire apprentices. We have also set up employee participation in the share capital. We have also developed a motivating remuneration system based on the sharing of results.

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Sustainable development

Fruit production

We have produced in accordance with sustainable agriculture since our beginnings (Label IGP Savoie). The reasoned arboriculture favors practices respectful of nature, for healthy fruits and a preserved environment.

For example by the fight against pests that aims to break the chemical communication between males and females by flooding the atmosphere with synthetic pheromones mimicking pheromones. Thus, males and females can not decipher, which prevents any reproduction, and therefore any development of the pest population. Females then lay sterile eggs.

This requires that the pheromone diffusers have been installed before the mating period.
Regarding our purchases, we prefer local productions even if they decrease in Savoy. Local producers retire and often stop production and sell their land.
We also have an exclusively organic farm.

This production is much more restrictive and currently represents 20% of our own production. On these orchards, we utilize special sheep for weeding.

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Fruit packaging

We heat our premises with pellets. We sort and recycle as much as possible: wood, plastic, organic material, etc.

Production of fruit juice

Apple pomace (dry residue of fruit juice production) is used for power plants (biomass).

We welcome any knowledgable suggestions.