Our location

Thomas LE PRINCE Savoy, France

The orchards of Thomas LE PRINCE produce apples, pears, raspberries, strawberries, quinces and cherries in Haute Savoy, Savoy and the surrounding territories. 

All of the production is delivered to S.A. Thomas LE PRINCE for storage and packaging.
Small sized fruit are used to make fruit juice.

The nurseries of Thomas LE PRINCE, located in Val de Fier, France produce a multitude of fruit trees.

The company is located in Vallières, France and houses the following:
> Fruit facilities: storage, packaging.
> Production ofpressed fruit juices and jams.
> Storage of frozen fruits and transormated products.
> Production of fruit trees on our nurseries.


The on-site company store in Vallières, France is open for small retail sales. The small tree store is also located here for the purchase ofdecorative and landscape trees and plants.

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