Trays, trays, sachets ...

Apples & Pears


The tray is the main packaging for the marketing of apples and pears. The formats 60/40 (mass distribution) and 50/30 (wholesalers and specialized network) represent the vast majority of sales. They exist in 1 and 2 rows.

The trays and sachets

The sale in small packages (“pre-packaged”) has grown strongly in recent years to meet the growing consumer demand.

This type of packaging responds to 3 main requirements of the public:

  • speed (no weighing on the scales)
  • quality and practicality (protection and less manipulation of fruits)
  • clarity, need benchmarks, identity (easier communication, clarity of the information imposed on the product: brand, origin, price, etc.)

Proud of his products, Thomas LE PRINCE personalizes the range of prepacked products.

2 kg baskets, 6 fruit trays, 12 fruit trays, 4 fruit trays,
1 kg baskets, 2 kg and 3 kg sachets.

The red fruits

The usual packaging of raspberries and cherries is a plastic 125g, 250g and 500g bag wrapped in plastic film or we simply sell these fruits in bulk.

Packaging and Calibration
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The fruits are storedbefore being calibrated (sorting by size of the fruits). During this stage, a qualitative sorting of the products is also carried out. Tri color of the Goldens (green to yellow colorings) and color sorting of the two-color (“red” apples) according to their percentage of coloration with a visual sorting in parallel.

Calibration is sometimes done by hand when the products are very fragile. This is the case with the Golden at the beginning of the season, for some lots of pears Comices and some lots of Williams pears because it avoids to mark them. Most of the time, however, the calibration is mechanical via a machine: the sizer. The fruits are loaded in palox and emptied in a water tank.

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The sizer is fed continuously via a stream of water where the apples and pears are transported to avoid brusing. Some calibres are reloaded in palox for the pre-packaged workshop (pre-calibration). Other calibres arrive on treadmillsto be packaged in a tray.

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L´atelier préemballé est distinct. Il travaille à partir de pommes et poires précalibrées et les conditionnent en barquettes fermées.

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