A Family Company

Thomas Le Prince Family History

In the family, apples are grown from generation to generation. First, there was Grandpa George, an arborist and dairy producer based in Saint Eusebe, France. Then came Thomas Le Prince, the founder and current CEO of the Vallieres company, France. Now, Thomas is accompanied by his two sons, Guillaume and Marc Le Prince who continues the family traditions and is responsible for the production, sales and marketing.

Thomas Le Prince, vigilantly guarantees superior quality and is surrounded by an incredible team.


Director of Sales and Marketing: Marc LE PRINCE
Director of Production:Guillaume LE PRINCE
Director of Fresh Fruit Production: Damien MEGARD
Client Private Label Sales: Lydéric PIEDNOIR
Director of Fresh Fruit Sales: Sylvain CARL
Accountant: Pascal MICHON
Human Resources: Florence MAZILLER