Juice & Nectar

Pure Fruit Juice

Our Juices :

To make you happy at any time of the day, discover the taste of preserved fruit through a range of 100% pure juice juices made by us in Vallieres.
Pure fruit juice made according to traditional manufacturing, guaranteed without additives or preservatives, according to the legislation in force.

1 liter glass bottles

Our Organic Juice :

An organic pear-apple and an organic raspberry-apple are also available !

Traditional manufacturing guaranteed:
without additives or preservatives.

Organic fruit juice from an old variety of apples, grown in open fields in Savoyard orchards, without any treatment. This pure organic juice Thomas the Prince is obtained from a variety with the tender and perfumed flesh: Boussy’s Croison. It is in a Savoyard village near Rumilly that, according to legend, a Napoleonic soldier planted this orchard with very prolific trees.

Links to learn more about Organic Agriculture : Ecocert (Control Organization)

Jus 33 et 75cl

We have developed a specific 75cl range in Bio for our non-large supermarket customers and another in 33cl for the restaurant sector. This range is more exclusive with 5 organic fragrances: Apple, Raspberry Apple, Blueberry Apple, Pear Apple and Apricot.

Jus chaud

A good hot apple juice, nothing like to cheer up and warm your heart. This winter, enjoy this blend of 100% natural traditional spices and pure apple juice. All without alcohol, a real alternative to mulled wine with a unique and tasty taste.

Ingredients : Apple, Cinnamon, Ginger, Badian Star, Lemon, Clove, Vanilla

Good ideas : Take in thermos on the slopes or sip by the fire.

Tips : as you like, add a dash of orange juice, spoon honey, cover with whipped cream

Bag in box Pure Juice 5 liters

Our juices are now available in a practical and economical 5L format. These Bag In Box are kept in the fridge and after opening you have a month to enjoy it !
Flavors available : Pure Apple Juice, Raspberry Apple, Organic Apple.


Nectar elaborated according to a traditional production The nectars are more greedy and more adapted to certain fruits for which we find that tastefully it has a real interest to make nectar. In apricot without adding sugar the fruit is very very acid and the sugar allows to break the acidity. In pear William it is not possible to make a pure juice (the juice goes into fermentation almost immediately, it is possible with varieties of acid pears but not with William); etc.

1 liter glass bottles